• ​Set actionable goals for yourself and achieve them easily.
  • ​Overcome traumatic feelings that hold you back from being your best self
  • ​Combat depression and anxiety so you can greet each day with energy to burn
  • ​Reduce painful periods, PMS, irregular menstruation or menopause
  • ​Understand hormones affect your wellbeing at every stage of your life
  • ​Recover from eating disorders in a sustainable way
  • ​Conquer gut issues like bloating, IBS and inflammation
  • ​Use training secrets to get the most from your body type.

Women deserve to be living their best life- full of energy and enthusiasm. FULL OF CONFIDENCE!

Stop wasting time on routines that were never going to work for you. Get tailored information about the practices that will make you feel instantly healthier and energised!

Keys to Success

  • Having a vision
  • How do we become fulfilled with our achievements
  • How we Contract our life
  • ​Raising your Standards
  • ​Shoulds vs. Must
  • ​Rituals

Dealing with Trauma

  • Trauma
  • ​Emotions
  • ​Belief Systems
  • ​How these belief systems play out

The Taboos about Depression

  • Types of Depression
  • ​Statistics, what you didn't know!
  • ​The real causes
  • ​SSRI's and contradictions

Women's Health

  • HPO axis
  • ​Estrogen
  • ​Progesterone
  • ​Contraceptive
  • ​Endometriosis
  • ​PCOS
  • ​Under-eating
  • ​Menstrual Cycle Nutrition
  • ​Psychology of Eating

Female Strength Training

  • Common Myths/ “Bulky”
  • ​Training Age
  • ​Skill Acquisition
  • ​Training Frequency
  • ​Recovery
  • ​Different strength curves for men and women
  • ​Economical exercise selection
  • ​Cardio

Eating Disorders

  • Body Dissastification
  • 4 main types of Eating Disorders
  • ​Mind blowing statistics
  • ​Serotonin and ED
  • ​Influencing Factors
  • ​Missing Links
  • ​Recovery Strategies

Diet Trends

  • Keto
    •    Pros
    •    Cons
    •    What to know if you choose to use keto (supplementation etc)
  • ​Vegan
    •    Pros
    •    Cons
    •    Supplementation

The Gut Brain Axis

  • How digestion should work
  • ​How your gut health influences your mood and  brain
  • ​How your gut health influences your hormones
  • ​How your gut health influences autoimmune disease
  • ​What actions you can take to better your own health

DARIAN BATES - Course Director

5 years industry experience
  • Advanced Diploma Nutritional medicine
  • ​Cert 3 and 4 Fitness
  • ​Certified Health Coach
  • ​Advanced Diploma Business Management
  • ​Level 1 Pre-Script
  • ​AWF certification
  • ​6 months mentorship with Dr. Jordan Shallow
  • ​10 months mentorship with Coach Jake Carter
  • ​Collaborations with Jason Phillips
  • ​Collaborations with Sports Psychologist Adam Saucedo
  • ​AWF
“I have been in the health and fitness industry for five years. I am dedicated to helping people who are suffering from anxiety, depression and feelings of self-doubt.

My own painful experiences, coupled with my professional training, give me the expertise to help people turn their lives around and create new rituals and habits for themselves. Transition is not easy, but it is achievable.

Believe you can become the person you aspire to be. Start your journey now.” 


“I became a personal trainer in 2007 and worked my way up through commercial & boutique gyms. During this time I completed and acquired a number of qualifications including: Cert 3 & 4 Fitness, Natural Therapy Credentials and a history in social work.
After working with hundreds of clients, I couldn’t help but become enraged and disillusioned by the lack of information available. People were being fed misinformation about their health by trusted professionals. 

I’d come from a similar place, tried all the fad diets, all the fad exercise regimes, all the fads full stop, and I knew how difficult it was to find a trustworthy voice. The healthcare system treats our problems, but really we should be focusing on good coaching to prevent them in the first place. 

Today, I call myself an educator and a role model for the life I wish for my clients and my family. I eat real food, practice mindset mastery, and train like a beast, which I am confident you can too. I am here to show you how.”


BSc Nutrition- Natural and Physical Sciences
“My goal is to provide quality holistic health & fitness that is functional effective and affordable. 

I am a registered Nutritionist with experience in sports nutrition, neutrigenomics, weight loss, bowel dysfunction, weight gain, diabetes & disease management and prevention. 

I also have my Cert IV in Personal Training & own and run Fullfitment Personal Training where we utilize functional fitness to achieve amazing results for all our clients. We cater to all fitness levels and goals and provide a unique & individualized approach to small group Personal Training.

Throughout my career so far I've been lucky enough to work with an amazing clientele; elite athletes, rehabilitation, weight loss, weight gain, each client presents me with a new challenge and the drive and determination to help them achieve their goals! No matter who I'm treating or training it's that challenge that keeps me passionate about what I do.”


Founder and CEO at The Centre for Healing.
His passion for helping people with Mental Illness and Addiction comes from his own pain. 
Ryan suffered from anxiety for as long as he could remember and that manifested in many destructive patterns throughout his life, culminating in a hardcore drug addiction to Methamphetamine & GHB.

Whilst this addiction took everything material from his life, it was also Ryan's greatest blessing.
He was forced to face up to his mental and emotional demons, and he not only overcame the addiction but also his anxiety to feel peace for the first time.

This led him to completely immerse himself in how people end up in emotional pain and how it’s possible for anyone to be free from it.
This led him to opening The Centre for Healing, to help people who have found themselves in the pain he once was.

He has successfully helped many people in getting past their Addictions & Mental Health issues through his experience, understanding and knowledge.


“I am honoured to be able to teach on a national level where attendees benefit from the culmination of almost a decade of intensive research and experimentation.

They leave with a comprehensive understanding of the most effective and results-driven protocols that allow us to manipulate the human body.

The ultimate aim: to enhance wellness, performance and body composition by improve efficiency and functionality. 

In addition, I am also the UK practitioner advisor for Nordic Labs, a world-wide private lab testing organisation offering a range of tests such as stool, DNA, urine and blood.”


“I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Level 1 Nutrition Coach from the Nutrition Coaching Institute, with a Master’s in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon.
I grew up in the UK until I left to study Biology at Western Oregon University. I am now located in Salem, Oregon but frequently work with distance clients from all over. I also work as a CrossFit coach in collaboration with local medical clinics to provide nutritional support for their patients. I find myself particularly interested in a variety of nutrition genres such as sports performance, chronic disease prevention, and optimizing digestive health. I truly believe the body is capable of incredibly feats if it is given the right tools for the job.”


Dr Jordan Shallow is a graduate of the 135th class of Palmer College of Chiropractic West, but his passion for human movement go far beyond the classroom. With a critical mind and a decade of training/strength and conditioning under his belt he brings an experience level far beyond his years.

With his experience he also brings a level of empathy to his patients, after 15 years of competitive sports and an active lifestyle there is rarely an injury that is on his table that he, himself has not experienced.

My REDEFINE YOUR HEALTH online course gives you complete clarity on how to feel your best, every single day

Have you fallen for these popular health misconceptions lately?
  •  Painful cycles are normal. Wrong!
    Contrary to popular belief, periods shouldn’t cause you pain beyond minor swelling and slight discomfort.

  • Gluten doesn’t affect me. Wrong!
    Gluten intake has been associated with several psychiatric symptoms, including depression, bipolar disorder, apathy, excessive anxiety, irritability, schizophrenia, eating disorders, ADHD and autism.
  • Everybody experiences some level of depression or anxiety. I’m fine. Wrong!
    What if we told you major depression is the result of unresolved trauma, that social anxiety can occur from lack of nurture, or that nutritional imbalances can lead to bipolar type 2 episodes?
No RISK Guarantee !
Do I have to travel to participate?
Nope! Our program is delivered virtually, so you can learn from the comfort of your home or office.
Will I get support or any individual attention?
You’ll get tons of support! The program is designed not just to educate, but to offer plenty of opportunities for feedback, Q&A with the instructors. You will have access to all the coaches information to contact them privately.
What is the weekly time commitment?
We estimate that with the recorded content, live sessions, you’ll spend 1.5 hours per week on this course.
Can I take this program if I don’t live in the Australia?
Yes, we’ll hold live support sessions at various times and make every effort to accommodate those living in different time zones. And of course since the content is virtual, you can access it anytime.
What formats will the content be delivered in?
You’ll learn in a variety of ways. There will be live sessions, video content, and slide decks, as well as audio content. All you need is an internet connection to participate!
Can I work ahead?
The content will be released weekly, so you can’t work ahead, but trust us—we believe the value in this course is that you’re not drinking from a firehose, but instead will have the chance to pace yourself and really absorb and apply the material.
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